Software Development Group

The Software Development faculty group at the IT University of Copenhagen conducts research into software development in a wide sense. The researchers’ goal is to create better and more advanced software, as well as improved software development methods and tools.

The research themes address a wide range of current challenges, such as: Health care IT, electronic health records and data visualization; database technology, data storage, and sensor networks; optimizing container shipping, for instance container handling in ports, containers, to minimise wasted time and environmental impact; cloud computing, where data are stored on servers instead of locally with the user, and software and services are provided via the Internet instead of the local computer; programming language technology and tools, eg. domain-specific languages within the life insurance and pensions industry; network security and communication technology.

Often the research is motivated by specific, practical problems and is carried out in cooperation with industrial partners. Collaboration partners include Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, A.P. Møller-Mærsk , Edlund A/S, DHI Water and Environment, FusionIO, and Oracle . The group also cooperates with the Danish public sector, including hospitals. In addition, the group is involved in the development of standard contracts on IT acquisitions, typically between public purchasers and suppliers of software or other IT Services.

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